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From Rouba:

Our program director at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUB-MC) emailed me today:

We are still in Beirut. Mad it is…… many displaced with no chance of returning home. The ones I have seen displaced are educated , low middle class whose homes are destroyed and cannot afford to rent and are currently in schools. The humanistic situation is very bad. Almost everyone in the hospital is coming to work and many are actively involved in volunteering. AUB and AUBMC have now a fund which to we are accepting donations which will go to the care of the displaced sick cared for by us at the center. The account is available on the AUB website.

My best regards to all,


AUB has also initiated an AUB Volunteer Relief Group with the aim of providing
support to those displaced and directly affected by the war. This will include visits to refugee groups in schools and public areas and attending to their
medical, health and hygiene needs. Also, it has established a free evening clinic at AUB. It intends to provide, and to seek, accept, and channel support to those needy.

For financial donations to AUB Hospital and to this
AUB intitiative, you can wire transfer funds to AUB's
account with SHBC bank at the following:

Bank name: HSBC
Bank address: Ras Beirut Branch
Account name: American University of Beirut Account
number: 003-013687-100 Bank Swift address: BBMELBBX

The branch is operational, so the money will reach
You can also make a donation on-line through our
on-line giving website at:

Make sure that all donations are marked as restricted
for the relief work that AUB Hospital is doing
(Hospital Crisis Fund). Thank you all for all you are


Blogger rouba said...

she's great, that Thurayya

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Jihad Watch::Israeli offensive leaves Christian enclaves untouched

Dhimmis of the world, unite! A report from J. Michael Kennedy of the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service (thanks to Sr. Soph):

...Swathes of the southern suburbs are in ruins after 11 days of Israeli attacks. The main road from the south is bombed out and impassable. The main road to Damascus, Syria, is knocked out. Hotels have emptied out. Electric power comes and goes.

But the main shopping street of Hamra in West Beirut was jammed with cars on Saturday morning. Stores were open, at least for a few hours, even clothing shops that sold no clothes....

The newly-built centre of the city, with its fashionable shops and banking centre, was eerily empty, save for a smattering of people in what few cafes were open. The tourists who made it one of the busiest parts of the city have long since gone, either by sea or overland to Damascus or Amman, Jordan.

But on the main highway going north up the coast, more stores and restaurants were open, including fast-food standbys like Hardees, KFC, Subway and Burger King.

On Saturday afternoon, the road was jammed with cars as it passed the port and headed north, past modern shopping malls and other developments that are a part of the rebuilt Beirut.

Virtually all of this territory is home to the Christians of Lebanon, who allied themselves with the Israelis during the invasion of the country in 1982.

In Bikfayah, the roads were more crowded than usual, because this is one of the routes to the Syrian border now that the main highway has been knocked out by Israeli jets. ---Read it all at to learn the truth about "the religion of peace" to keep decent money in pocket and to say no to the moslems.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Jihad Watch::Fitzgerald: It's time to pull the plug on NPR

The inimitable Deborah Amos, whose every word drips with deep miscomprehension of why Israel has to defend itself today against the Jihad, has organized a circus of compassion on NPR whereby again and again and again Lebanese "refugees" (Shi'a-supporter-of-Hizballah "refugees" fleeing either Shi'a strongholds in south Beirut, or Shi'a strongholds in south Lebanon) are asked to tell their stories. And when they tell them, in case they are not doing enough to arouse the listener's compassion -- no wet eyes in this house -- they are prompted, egged on, by the NPR interviewer. And no doubt the Arab interpreter also adds her mite, just to make sure to get the Muslim Arab view across.

There was not a word, in an interview with two "Lebanese students" I heard recently, as to what kind of "Lebanese" these "Lebanese students" were. Surely we had a right to know if these were Shi'a Lebanese, didn't we? Surely it might have made a difference if they were, say, not Shi'a, or not Muslim at all, but rather Christians or Druse whose territories have been left unscathed except for one truck that looked like it might be a rocket launcher, moving in a Christian part of Beirut? ---Read it all at to learn the truth about "the religion of peace" to keep decent money in pocket and to say no to the moslems.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Goncalo Veiga said...

I'm not Lebanese... and yet, my heart is broken...

9:01 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

I am not Lebanese, and somehow I wish I were.
Pain sometimes is more poisonous from a distance...

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

The Lebanese Prime Minister has been Hezbollah's protector.

Read what he said back in January:

The policy statement is very clear regarding the protection of the resistance," said Saniora in an interview with the Lebanese daily.

The prime minister said the terms used in the statement were enough to reassure Hizbullah that the government would protect its military wing despite U.N. Resolution 1559, which calls on Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias to disarm.

This man offers to protect Hezbollah. The terrorists intentionally fire from the civilian areas and blend in with the civilians and Israel is supposed to hold back so as not to hurt civilians. Well then how do they defend themselves?

4:57 AM  

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