Friday, July 14, 2006

Open War

"But what about Lebanon and us the Lebanese?"

"I'm sorry who??"


Blogger Mike O said...

What a horrible situation. I pray for the safety of all civilians and for eventual peace. Unfortunately, this has the potential of being the beginning of World War 3 (I don't consider the Western vs. Communist war as either a true World War, nor necessarily ended).

Good luck; I pray for your safety especially.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Fares said...

Nasrallah is the new Saddam...I don't think Israel will take him out quickly enough, he helps her achieve the goal of killing as many "supposedely" resistors and teach the arabs another lesson.

Destroying a beautiful country in the process.

Fuck the arab idiot public opinion
God Save Lebanon

11:41 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

I have to comment this way, and it hurts my soul but I just have to do it otherwise I would not be true to what I think and feel.
This image is sort of the other side of the coin, the other view of this crisis.
Hizbullah knew what they were in for when they captured two Israeli soldiers and killed a few others during this raid.
They knew that Lebanon would be severely targeted by Israel. They took their chances and today they declared openly war. At least that is an honest statement that rises above the bullshit of Israeli dog fights and collateral damage tactics. But nevertheless, Hizbullah knew and they wanted it for one reason or an other but they didn't give a shit about the people in Lebanon!
Oh yes, yes I know - they run hospitals and schools and help out with other infrastructure the Lebanese government never is able to supply. Basically Hizbullah is more efficient in all kinds of things of civic life in Lebanon, they are not only about shooting rockets, I know. No wonder people don't care what Hizbullah's political or religious agenda is as long as they get some kind of benefits.
I can understand that.
But what Lebanon and their people also need to understand is that if you accept to be a victim you will be treated as such, in this case from Israel...
The American people are being indoctrinated to feel the same, to be victims of 9/11.
If we accept victimization in any form, we will remain weak and vulnerable. The fine wish to live a peaceful and happy life forever doesn't really count for anything.
You can't shed away the atrocities posed upon you from Israel with a shrug of your shoulder, and neither should you succumb to the rethorics of Hizbullah.
Find yourself, yes - and all you expatriates are part of this process.
If you wish this madness to end you have to do two things:
1. Abolish feelings of nationalism and search for a bond between people instead
2. Eradicate religion out of all aspects of political life

As long as the two above items remain an unsolved issue, people will bomb, kill, demolish, destroy and nihilate ....
The good people of Lebanon need to know this and the fuckers in Israel need to understand this by know, they are not dumb people - though their latest President seems to be an emotional driven moron.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you achieve step 1 and 2, without force?

Religion is a two edged sword, but it makes people achieve more than the sum of individuals just as it can bring them lower than all other animals.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Delirious said...

Call me naive if you must, but can someone please explain to me who gave the right to Nasrallah to speak in the name of the Lebanese?!!!

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look stupid people, including u fouad
sorry for this, I always liked ur comments but what the hell is this? Yes khlas I agree, but it's not time NOW to blame Nasralla, may be he did a big mistake, but Israel showed that evrthg was planed, if they will not do it now, it will be postponed for few months, so the only important thing now is to be ONE, ONE! Wake up. and bala hal souwar elli bala ta3mi, kif elak jalad tersom w lebnen 7tara2!!!!!

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Globular Cluster said...

Previous poster is delusional. Unite against what? Your right to be controlled by Hizballah? Very smart. Tell us how Nasrallah made a big mistake but everything was planned by Israel. Makes no sense.

5:53 AM  
Blogger TM Lutas said...

If a US army soldier loads up in a Hummer and drives south from Oregon, eventually somebody's going to try to shoot him. That, most likely, is going to be a Mexican, probably in uniform after a lot of shouting, stop, you're on the wrong side of the border. If he were to hit a "border" prior to that Mexican one and somebody were to say you're on the wrong side of the border and try to shoot him, he would have driven into a state that was in rebellion. He would have crossed the battle lines (cold or hot, doesn't matter) of a civil war.

Now let us repeat the experiment in Lebanon. If a Lebanese army officer in uniform loads up and drives south (let's keep it simple and say last month) who is going to shoot him first? Is it going to be an Israeli or is it going to be a Lebanese loyal to Nasrallah?

Face it Lebanon. You already had a civil war running before Nasrallah kidnapped those two Israeli soldiers, killed others, and embroiled the whole of Lebanon in an international war with Israel. It had ill defined borders and was not very hot but you were at war.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Bouzo said...

We always seem to get overwhelmed with the human loss and high-cost damages and we never stop to blame whoever is to be blamed... For two hostages, the nation in its entirety has become the sole hostage. To me, this picture is very self-explanatory and expressive: it is Nasrallah's pride, Iranian and Syrian agendas that come in the forefront while our dreams and lives lie in the background. Unfortunately, once more we have been dragged into despair by an entity who doesn't even represent the nation but who takes the freedom of talking and acting on its behalf... and once this is done, we call upon unity and patriotism… I don’t even have mixed feelings, I have one feeling, that of disgust… What a shame!

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

israel wanted an open war not nassrallah

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a mess.

And yet, its no surprise. The truth is that too much of the "Muddle East" is a cesspoll of corruption, despair and decay. You have groups that for no logical reason have decided that war with Isreal and the West will solve all their problems.

Call it envy, call it pride, its basic human greed and stupidity. Sadly Isreal and the west have allowed groups like Hizbullah to get away with it for far to long. It looks like Isreal is willing this time to take osme action, but how complete an action will have to wait and see.

I do feel sorry for the Lebanese people in this though. They are caught between 2 forces who cannot stop the conflict and one side is going to actively seek civilian casualities for propoganda purposes. Their's will be the hardest life in the months to come.

10:32 AM  
Blogger hillz said...

i didn't except that from u..
yeh i oppose hizballah in what he thinks and taking the war decision alone.. but guys, lebanon is under seige.. what is done is done .. i hate it yes but i can't go as others to say like nasrallah elkal nad peace now with israel.. no fouad..
i am so sad for lebanese comments in lbf..
the enemy out there is attacking and we r here back to our internal arguments..
lebanon is burning.. and some are asing for peace with israel..
how similar it is to 82..
i won't be surprised if i saw some lebanese celebrating if nasrallah is dead..
but u know foad and i know that death of nasrallah will change nothing, simply because it is a culture hizballah community used to live in..
we like it or not..

11:10 AM  
Blogger hillz said...

missing letter from comment nasrallah "elkalb"

11:11 AM  
Blogger Fouad said...

Hilal, I am tired of wars and killing. What the fuck is wrong with peace?? What is wrong is that there are people like Nasrallah, his followers and sympathizers who carry a fundamental animosity towards an Isralei state and its very existence. Such people will not rest as long as there is one trace of an outline of an israeli state on a map. I want PEACE you know. PEACE. Or have you all been so immersed in the war mentality that the word doesn't even make sense to you anymore. I have no patience for people who sit on their high moral horses and sacrifice nations on the alter of their delusions. No patience at all Hilal.
Go on declare war against Israel to save face, to avenge the palestinians, to die in dignity, a hero, a martyr. Do it. But do it alone, off your own little piece of land. Not mine.

11:38 AM  
Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

Fouad, well said. 'off your piece of land. not mine.'

Nasrallah is delusional in his approach.

Yet the Israelis are delusional in their approach.

Saniora's speech was brilliant. I hope we're able to move forward. We must remain united in this atrocity.

1:30 PM  
Blogger manal yusuf said...

please be strong fouad,
you have to be strong, because you are a strong nation this is happening to u and not to any other arab this time you should be proud you are a lebanese more than ever because right now im not a bit proud of what i belong to, i wish this war was hold your head up,
stay close to God as you always have been...
believe me no one i know wants this for your country.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Scott said...


You won't get Peace until you deal with the bullies on your own private playground.

Where are Nasrallah and all his "leadership" associates ? Hiding ? Ultimately, Cowards like most playground bullies ?

You shouldn't take bullies personally, you are just a number in a long line of victims to him. You are just a number. Raise the price high enough of coming after you Lebanese and he'll move on to easier pickings elsewhere, like just in his own neighborhoods.

Eliminate his ability to hide and his manupulative no cost support from Tehran, and he's history.

Unfortunately, to rid Lebanon of Hezbollah it's going to take action by a foriegn supported/reinforced national Lebanese army, OR, a much worse option, death squads from other Lebanese Militia, Druze and Christian against Hezbollah, and I think that would be the worst.

The Lebanese people seem exhausted by Civil War, and Hezbollah cowards only wish to start more war and let others pay the price.

2:07 PM  
Blogger nour said...

fouad, since when any leader, whoever, cared about us?

2:13 PM  
Blogger hillz said...

"have you all been so immersed in the war mentality that the word doesn't even make sense to you anymore"

no foad..
i didn't talk about war.. but what is done is done.. u have to be with either of the two side.. there is no middle position.. israel is not destroying only hizballah centers but ALL lebanon..
they wanna leave it with out anything so we can beg and they put therules.
peace with israel no.. see her actions in palestine..
i disagree with hizballah but peace with isreal, well.. do't they dream about it..
there is a declared peace between egypt and israel.. did people participated in the process?
no.. they have been diclining since 78..
it is a shame that it tok with us us just 2 days to say...

2:19 PM  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Fouad, good job.
But I think you didn't quite catch the "Oh-fuck-what-the-hell-do-I-do-now?!" look on his face...

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shit pisses me off.

Look, you want peace right? So do the Israelis. They have been begging for peace for 58 years. They have been holding olive branches out for 58 years. Sadly their actions, from a position of strength, are always badly misinterpreted as a position of weakness by those dishonorable arab leaders who cannot stand the thought of Israel existing. Israel wants peace, they always have.

What they don't want are dipshits lobbing rockets onto their asses every time some damned imam or ayatollah or other nutjob has a loose bowel movement.

It takes courage to wage peace. Real balls. Any loser can lob a rocket. It takes a man, with honor, moral clarity, and a set of steel huevos to stand up to terror. It takes a man to say no to fighting when there are other avenues open. It takes men to demand the bullies pack their shit and go away. It takes a man to understand that real dishonor is in not learning from your mistakes, from placing your family, friends and country at risk to asuage some misguided sense of pride. You dishonor yourself, your country, your people when you allow others to kill and murder in your name, invade a sovereign country, kill murder and maim and kidnap, igniting a hot war. You dishonor your nation, your name, your family by not demanding that they leave, and you dishonor yourselves when you do not impose your will upon them by forcing them out.

Israel is bombing Lebanon because the Lebanese never told the bullies to go home, allowed the bullies to live on their border, allowed and invited the bullies to join them in government, and most importantly, allowed the bullies, in Lebanon's name, to start a hot shooting war. You don't like it? Be a goddamned man, tell the bullies to pack the shit up, and haul ass back to their shitholes in Iran and Syria. Stop allowing yourselves to be complicit with terror and terrorists.

You will find no better friend than the Israelis if you do. You will find no fiercer enemy than the Israelis if you stay loyal to the terrorists.

For the dipshits who think Nasrallah is a good man. No. He isn't. Sadat was a man of courage. He had to learn a hard lesson, but learn he did, and his country is better for it. King Hussein (not the current one) of Jordan learned that same lesson. He had that same courage.

Evil men do evil deeds and encourage other evil. Dishonest, dishonorable and cowardly men hide behind lots of security while claiming they are not afraid to die. They go find themselves hiding places while others die for them. The deliver fiery rhetoric which many willingly absorb, and act upon. But they don't. They move themselves and their families and friends out of harms way. Drive the rest of you to your deaths.

The Iranians and the Syrians will be happy to fight this battle to the last palistinian. Remember that. Is that honorable? Or is it cowardly?

We are still waiting for the next Sadat or Hussein to emerge. Someone with courage, with balls, and with honor to say enough is enough. Wage peace. It is hell of a lot harder than waging war. But it is honorable. And much easier on the country.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

Anonymous said...
How do you achieve step 1 and 2, without force?


... by conscious determination.

11:41 PM  
Blogger sara said...

It's our country too, but it feels estranged. Like a hologram. You see images of rot and swamp things blossom in its soft places, and you're powerless, and even your voice, every frequency of outrage, slips straight through.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Charles said...

What do you all think of this scenario:

1. Lebanon and Israel are sovereign states.
2. Israel and Lebanon agree to cease fire under condition that the UN deploy troops and work with the Lebanese government to disarm rogue militias, and demilitarize southern Lebanon.
3. At the same time the UN makes clear that Iranian/Syrian support for 'rogue militias' will be interdicted and the sponsors punished severely.

If there is political will, the force that the UN can bring to bear is irresistable. Hezbollah as a military force would evaporate. Over the next 10 years, Lebanon would build its sovereign strength as most UN forces departed.

Lebanon would at last be strong and independent and democratic.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Batten down the hatches, people. IDF armored spearhead is coming. The target will be the Bekaa Valley. The long range rocket that hit Haifa tipped the scales. Invasion by Tuesday at the latest.

Expect a massive multi-brigade operation. Paratroopers, airmobile, combat engineers laying bridges over the Litani, the whole shebang. No drive on Beirut, no engagement with the Lebanese army, however. Target is Hezboallah and the 500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Special Forces troops that have been training the Hez and operating the long range missiles that hit Haifa.

This thing will be right out of Heinz Guderian's playbook. Too bad for the Lebanese.

11:06 AM  
Blogger moki said...

hello people ,
as israeli and arabic man i'll explane u the the israeil minds and the way the think ,
when they feel that tkey will be attacked by any enimy they join each other and unite togather .
and if nasrallah tought that he will beat they he is wrong .
becouse they are more united than onther time in the past .
the problem in Lebanon that you let him be strong so much that the country can't control him and his army now , so you suffer now .
so what we all need now that u in lebanon make your best to sick him out of you , and belive me in Israel the people love you and love lebanon .

god be with u

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys
its heart worming to read your comments here, its making me more relaxed to see that we are actually dealing with normal people. im in israel now and i know we seems like the evil enemy now. most of the people here do want peach. we had 5 years of prosperity (both sided) and a starting point to real peach between us. i know that in this situation it is important to stick to your country. but what is the country's interest? , i have seen you're PM in cnn, he seems like a good man who is willing to live in peach , but he is also seems like a person who's hands are tied and cannot express he's true thoughts. i wish this will all end soon and one day i could come eat humos in beirut (no one can this from you... :) and you could come visit israel too

3:12 PM  
Blogger Firas said...

I want to start a militia and do what I want with contempt to the rest of the population. Then every time someone tries to stop me, I will go hit the big bully next door - who WE ALL KNEW loves to bully everyone with her fancy weapons, and has complete disregard for the lives of brown colored Arabs. When that bully rains fire on us from the sky, I will start crying and tell everyone that they are traitors for breaking the unity when our country is being attacked.

I will keep doing this for as long as I can do it or until there is no more country to speak of.

I think that stupid is a bigger insult than coward.

2:43 PM  

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