Sunday, May 08, 2005

Aoun is back

I hate being skeptical, as much as I hate having a murky outlook on the future. But I can't help remembering the first days following Lahoud's election. The way the lebanese people were hailing and cheering made me feel it wasn't the coming of a new president I was witnessing, but, and pardon the comparison, the second coming of Christ. And here we are, seven years later, dealing with the sorriest, and the deservedly most vilified political figure in recent lebanese memory.
Now granted, Aoun is different. If anything, he certainly, and quite "eloquently", expressed his wrath against Syria and the neverending syrian tutelage over Lebanon. On the other hand, his conflict with the Lebanese Forces, its reasons and its eventual outcome, are definitive dark spots on his political record as a leader with a mission and a dream.
At any rate, and putting all past events and considerations aside, Aoun might very well be the savior and unifier we've all been waiting for, BUT I really think we should avoid premature coronations and sanctifications. The military ranks are a very fertile ground for self-proclaimed heroes and megalomaniacs, and, with all due respect to all the great people who came out of the army, the last thing we need right now is a man with a God complex to rule over us.
What we need is a smart savvy politician, with an unshakable loyalty to the lebanese nation and people, who can bring us all together, not just for a couple of months, to get the syrians out, or to protest against the killing of prominent politicians, but to rebuild a unified and powerful country, with a broad path into a safe and prosperous future.


Anonymous Maya said...

cute pic! ;)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aoun is a God!

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