Thursday, April 07, 2005

Why am I your son

Land of corruption and deceipt,
Land of rotten crops and mephitic waters,
Why am I your son...
I see your alleged children thriving in darkness and in filth..
I see them growing with many ugly colors but no spines, no souls and no tomorrows,
Breathing in and out the same heavy, ill, putrid air,
Smiling in betrayal,
Rolling in the mud of their disgrace
O my land why am I your son...
Won't you reject me before I reject you,
Before I draw the curtain over the last of your shameful stories,
Before I take my sword and sever all the shaking hands that conspire for death and destruction,
Before I sever you,
Land of my fallen angels and forgotten dreams
Won't you turn onto yourself and digest the swarming creatures of hell that torment you,
Won't you open your wrists and let the ill blood pour onto your skin
Won't you purge yourself in fire
Won't you be born again
Won't you let me be born again in your entrails
I need you to let me cry and let the poison out..
I need you to let me dig the earth and plant a revolution..
I need you to let me live..
I need you to let me breathe...


Blogger Delirious said...

I think your land is on the right track...let's just hope it won't take the wrong turn because as you know all roads can be treacherous, and hell tends to spawn creatures of darkness that cannot be always easily recognized under their white hoods.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Fouad said...

The creatures of darkness are not shy, 'delirious'. Their white hoods are transparent. They take great pleasure in seeing us recognizing them and not taking them down. They derive their power and sustenance from our sterile "hatred". We hate them yet we are weak. We hide behind our witty slogans and artsy flags. We are selfish, arrogant and lame. We are a bunch of snobs, and snobs can never create a true revolution. They can only be overtaken by one.

8:07 PM  

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