Monday, March 14, 2005

This is NOT a war of numbers

The Ocean of Freedom Posted by Hello

I am tired of listening to all those savvy analysts breaking down the Miracle that is embracing the streets of Beirut and reshaping Lebanon's modern history before our very eyes, into a war of numbers. I am just about tired of listening to them saying that different factions are responding to each other by bringing more people to the sacred peaceful freedom field of Downtown Beirut.

Try to understand, all of you journalists and political pundits, that this is Lebanon, the true Lebanon, gloriously glowing on the faces of the true lebanese people, not some imported mercenaries and brainwashed pawns, moving around aimlessly on a land they cannot recognize as their own, only because it isn't, gathered together by one broomstick stroke and soon dispersed by another.

I am so very tired of all those ill-advised souls forseeing instability and division, and anticipating a new civil war that will tear, once again, Lebanon apart. How blind should one be to see pending division and collapse, when never in the history of Lebanon, or any regional country for that matter, has there been unity and communion of such biblical proportions amongst people of every possible religion and denomination.

All I can say is this. We had our war, call it "civil" or otherwise, and whether we like or not, whether we are willing to admit it or not, fifteen years after it ended, we were still carrying its extraordinarily heavy burden on our bent shoulders. Until came the 14th of February and died a Man. Since then, and only then have we truly shaken off the ashes of war. Only since then have we realized how much was at stake, and how it wasn't just about a little boy's comfort zone and a little girl's little pink doll house.

The stakes were our identity, our name, our country, our freedom, and our so precious and yet so cheap lives. But it did take the life of one great man to wake us all up. Maybe this time our eyes will stay open long enough for us to find all the things that we have lost and destroyed. And maybe this time, Morpheus will see that we have changed, and will leave us alone for, at least, a while.


Anonymous paul said...

God Bless you all. I'm very excited for you and for the rest of the Middle East. It truly brings great joy to my heart to see and sense what is coming for your beautiful country. Paul in San Diego Calif.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Fouad said...

Thank you Paul. These are times of change that we have all been waiting for. History has not missed a chance to show us how nothing and no one can stand in the way of freedom.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Lebanese in Lebanon said...

Hi, I've just stumbled upon your blog. Been reading some of your posts;loved your writing style. Also loved this post in particular because I totally agree with you. So sorry for that position that was given to someone else (previous post), but I'm among those who believe that nothing happens in life without a reason, even though it's not always obvious what that reason is...

12:17 PM  
Blogger Fouad said...

Thank you for posting a comment and for your compliment. You are right, all things happen for a reason, though it seldom is obvious to us. Hopefully this will be for the best. Do stop by again. Have a great day.

12:42 AM  

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