Tuesday, January 25, 2005

To the love of my life

You might read this one day and you might not
A few people might read this as well, but maybe nobody will
This still is an open forum and a statement for the whole world to read
You, Nadine, are the single most important and most beautiful thing that has happened to me to this blessed day of my life
I love you with every molecule of my perishable body
I love and admire you for all the things you are and all the things that I want to be because of you
I love and respect you for all the things you do, all the care you hold, all the joy you spread around you
I love you in a world where love is not a transaction, nor a weakness, nor a game
I love you in a world where love is all the reasons to exist and all the reasons to wait for the sun to rise again behind the hills and set again behind the ocean
I love you in a world where the naked are warm, where the poor are fulfilled, where all the small creatures of this wonderful earth have a thin crack, a dip under a rock, a nest, a leaf to curle up under and dream of the morning
I love you Nadine
Let it be known to all and forever
A story carved on my chest and my forehead
A line drawn in the palm of hand
A history and a destiny
A yellow flower
A bookmark
A box of chocolate
A red sweater
A poem
And a scarf
All the little things between your little fingers
I love you Nadine
I love you
An open statement for the whole world to read
I love you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u love her that much...?!
in this fairy world u described?
can u carry it & step out to the real world...?
a cruel world full of differences, obstacles & contradictions?
such a love and admiration deserves to be fed & cherished... throughout a lifetime...against all odds......

12:32 PM  
Blogger Maldoror said...

A Freddie Mercury fan?!

There are a few things to be said here! From my point of view, your love is true, but the whole world doesn't deserve your love, only your girl does, because only she has received it.
In other terms, it will be too bad if she doesn't read it. It will be too bad if you don't say it to her face again and again until she feels the same, too.
Love is unconditional. Love is meant to be shared. You did (both of u) but now it seems that you stopped for a reason or another. Now what you have written is meaningless, just a monologue! You are talking to yourself because the world doesn't care about you! The one who cares may not have received this message of love, which is too bad!
I would have done the same as you did, but I would have also sent it as an email :)

10:59 AM  

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