Thursday, September 16, 2004

I am thirsty

I am thirsty. My lips are dry and cracked.
My soul is shrinking.
I cry.

The light is calling me. The night. The world. I am tired of my clothes. I am tired of my hair and my toothbrush.
The streets are wide open for me. The sun is waiting. It won't set today. It said it will wait until I cannot run anymore.
The trees and the birds, my friends. Butterfly, my guide.
Tangerine moon bathing in my pond, lay your tangerine kisses on my fingers and my cheeks.
Take me to you and keep me.
Take me now.
Take me and I shall not return.

In the warm shade of my tangerine moon,
I cry.


Blogger euphorialapse said...

tangerine moon chooses me...
tangering moon could cure a rainy pulp, mandarin aroma could have done much more in a better world.
tangerine moon troubles my sleep.
tangerine moon knocks the wind out of me.
I would open a bible,look for a verse to calm my mind, out of the bible would fall a leaf from a faraya apple tree.
where does the brown tangerine thing come from?As I remember, the leaf falls apart, decays in my fingers.
I fall into a cry.
I look to where the sun is rising , or better still where the sun is waiting...I believe with a heart that has a long reach that i could see the spot where you are.
I am disappointed that I cannot.
I want to raise the window. I want to believe that the sun is a little look-see beyond the windowpane.
I dare not touch it.
I wish i can hold back on growing up.
I wish i can wait for you or the sun to see me grow.
But i have no choice in the matter.
I am not brave enough.
In no time I would be brave enough.
Brave enough...
Brave enough to take a step into the morning .

9:23 AM  

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