Monday, March 07, 2005

To the Lebanese Bloggers Forum

It feels very good to be part of a body of people driven by the quest for a unified country and a true uncontested identity. Having spent all of my childhood and most of my adult years passively witnessing my country torn to pieces and my freedom taken away, it greatly saddens me to sit here, somewhere in America, and watch my brothers and friends carve with their bare bleeding young hands the new story of a land long plagued by indifference and neglect.
It saddens me greatly that all I have been doing was to sit behind a lifeless screen, or a lifeless piece of paper, and paste thoughts about nations and liberties, while all I seem to be concerned about is the realization of my own ambitions and dreams. It saddens me that the one time I can actually do something, I am truly not doing much of anything, at all.
But maybe this isn't true anymore. Maybe thanks to you, we can all join hands and make a difference, if not sleeping on the asphalt that bears the indelible blood stain of true lebanese leaders, then opening our eyes and chasing away the sleep of servitude and dismay;
if not carrying banners and flags on the streets, then carrying our voice as far as the cables of technology can take it; if not by taking a bullet in the side or the butt of a rifle in the face, then by bleeding ink on papers and screens, until the entire world can only see the flaming blaze of our pounding hearts, clenched fists and sparkling angry eyes.
Maybe then, we will feel worthy of our identity and heritage.
Maybe then, Lebanon will be truly ours, and will remain ours, for good.


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