Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Everyone seems to be baffled by today's assassination attempt against pro-syrian Murr. Nothing to be baffled about. The syrian regime is beyond protecting its allies and eliminating its opponents. In its eyes and in the shadow of the grander plan, we're all alike and we're all disposable. The assumption that Murr was targeted because he knows too much is almost comical. Who doesn't know too much. The syrian contribution to the lebanese conflicts and political debacle is factual not speculative. The regime's objective is clear. Confuse and destabilize. This last gambit seems to have at least partially accomplished its purpose. More will certainly follow, and luck, it seems, has chosen to join the ranks of the enemy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The enemy chose dreaming a long time ago and REM sleep was an idiot making a bad deal with it.

Imagination pretty much is diagnosed as a disease too, just so ya' know.

10:42 AM  

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