Sunday, October 22, 2006


Scene one

He's waiting with her in the security check line. He pulls her hard against his chest to leave a piece of her inside. She goes through security, he steps out of the line and watches her, she waves at him, he can hardly control himself, she calls him, he loves her, he turns around and leaves.

Scene two

She walks out of the room wearing a sleeveless faintly glittering black soiree top, loosely fitting straight black pants, smooth, soft, shoulder length dark brown hair, and she looks more beautiful than he'd ever seen her before. He takes her to the restaurant, she stays close to him, he looks around searching for envious eyes, she says hello to the couple sitting at the nearby table, they sit down, her eyes are smiling, he's as happy as he's ever been.

Scene three

She's craving a hamburger, he's not hungry but he says he is so that she wouldn't eat alone, drive through at the local fast food restaurant, she says she can feed him while he's driving, he opens his mouth and takes a bite, the trees are changing color, the trucks are rushing past them, he's like a kid and she's wiping the corner of his mouth, he glances at her, how could he possibly be driving her away.

Scene four

He parks his car and walks across the driveway to get the mail, she is now boarding, he is always with her at the gate, she told him to smile before she left, he wants to smile, he finds the new yorker, he tries to turn the page, it's cold, his fingers are dry, he moves his hand towards his face and wets his finger with whatever keeps coming out of his eyes, he turns a page, now he can look for the little cartoon with a funny caption, now he can look for some fiction, now he can look at beautiful pictures of things that never were, and remember the wonderful days he will never have.

Scene five


Blogger jooj said...

Glad you are back Fouad.
This was beautiful

12:43 AM  
Blogger Erzulie said...


that was beautiful....abee!

9:34 PM  
Blogger FZ said...

fouad this is an incredibly beautiful piece

4:16 PM  

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