Friday, October 21, 2005

"A Tale of Malice" By Detlev Mehlis

Just a few words before I go back to more photography.

The report. An astounding testimony on murderousness and political filth. At first, I thought that Mehlis hadn't brought us anything we didn't already know, besides the cell phone tracking details and the individual testimonies, hence the bottom line being that Hariri's assassination was the result of a collaborative effort between syrian and lebanese officials.

Oh. What a shock. Who would have thought...

Well, no one would have thought, because everybody knew. Still, and all sarcasm aside, there were no smoking guns, and no knock-your-socks-off revelations.
Then, it occurred to me that, maybe, the entire process was not about dumbfounding revelations, or the definitive incrimination of guilty parties, or an exhaustive decortication of all elements surrounding the infamous attempt. Maybe, the gist was more about establishing firm grounds for a radical intervention and eventual dismantling of the oppressive, terrorist-breeding, syrian regime. Just like, not so long ago, Iraq. In that case, the international community would be functioning to a tee, and the future of our safety and independence would not be as gloomy as might have been anticipated, provided we, lebanese, mature and coalesce for and around our precious yet so vulnerable nation.

Either way, knowing as little about politics as I do, I just hope, and more so with the release of the report, that every last soul implicated in the death of Rafic Hariri, Bassel Fuleihan and their companions, not to mention Samir Kassir, Georges Hawi and all the others, get, before any chance of a natural death, the bitter, ruthless punishment they duly deserve.

Alright. All done. Let's get back to art.


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