Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Umm.. I beg your pardon? Ahhhhhhh :)

Dr. KT
Age:Old Born:HongKong YearsInUS:22 English:Perfect Accent:Asian Quality:Dense
Resident AF
Age:35 Born:Russia YearsInUS:9 English:Perfect Accent:Russian Quality:Faint to moderate

(First interaction behind a microscope. Looking at slides and making diagnoses. And conversation. At least trying to.)

Dr. KT: Soooo where do you live?
Res AF: (Faintly nods, unsure. Says nothing)

Dr. KT: Do you live close by?
Res AF: I beg your pardon?

Dr. KT: Where is your house? Where do you live? (weaaeeyuhoww weayuliiiii)
Res AF: Ohh. Sorry. haha. yeah. hmm. (Not a clue)


Dr. KT: LIVE. LIVE. WHERE DO YOU LIVE (very high pitched asian frustrated cry)
Res AF: OH so sorry Dr.T.. heh. I didn't (pulls himself back together). I live in Franklin.

Dr. KT: Antioch? (??)
Res AF: Franklin (now how these two were confused, I have no idea)

Dr. KT: Good
Res AF: Yeah.. very nice area


Dr. KT: How hard was it to come here from Russia?
Res AF: Russia? yes very nice too.. not hot at all. Very cold..

Dr. KT: No. How HARD was it to adapt to new lifestyle?
Res AF: Oh yeah.. (thinking hard) umm.. hopefully... thank you.

Dr. KT: I beg your pardon?
Res AF: I said thank you.. I appreciate it. Hopefully I will (smiles, actually believing he got it this time)

(Long Pause, still looking at slides)

Dr. KT: This is an interesting case. Do we have a previous biopsy on this patient?
Res AF: Yeah uhu..


Dr. KT: Can you pull the slide so we can compare?
Res AF: uhu yeah (nods)


Dr. KT: Umm.. I said could you please pull the slide from the file?
Res AF: (Smiles amicably, still nodding, brain completely shut down)

Res AF: Um Uh Yeah yeah! (realizing it must be an emergency). I'm sorry. hmm. I'm not sure I got that. (thinks hard trying for the last time to understand) What is it you're seeing? Yeah that's a GREAT example.. (Doesn't move)


(Dr. KT, who rarely gets flustered, quickly defaults back to zen, leaves his chair, goes to the files and pulls the slide. AF watches him do it while banging his head against the microscope. He tells Dr. KT he's terribly sorry. Dr. KT tells AF he wasn't the first. And that it was OK. Or so AF thought he said. There wasn't much talking done after that. Only rare mumbling and scribbling on reports. Things were better in the following months, though.
A few years later, it's me, sitting with Dr. KT in the same room behind the same microscope, listenig to him, lip reading and analysing his speech patterns, remembering AF's little misadventure, faintly smirking and totally and utterly cracking up inside :)


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You have to see me staring at my monitor and laughing like an idiot in the office! Whahahaha! nothing like a good laugh to end the week! :D

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