Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pictures of Fall (9)- themes from a fall moon

Lonely, one fall, one evening, I wanted to play ball
Found no ball, but above me, I found Moon of the fall
Moon was making a lantern, a bird's eye, with the trees
Bouncing on branches, resting, dancing with autumn breeze
I said Moon, please play with me, I'm but a lonely boy
We'll have much fun together, you'll be my favorite toy
Moon said kid, come and get me, I'd love to play with you
All life's a toy, and it's early, look, the sky is still blue
I reached up, grabbed it gently, and we started to play
I played with Moon for hours, maybe for the whole day
I said Moon, you have saved me, but it's time you went back
The stars are feeling lonely, and sky is turning black
Moon said, it's been so lovely, I hate to say goodbye
We will do this together, next time, up in the sky
I sent Moon up, and watched him, climbing back to his tree
Hoping that he will turn and quickly come back to me
He did not, I just stood there, and now I'm standing still
We haven't played since then but, I know, just like he told me
Up in the sky, we will

Moon is the eye of a crested bird

Moon is resting on a branch

Moon is making a lantern with the tree

Moon is coming back to me


Blogger Ghassan said...

so genius!
the poem is fables de la fontaine meet le petit prince, and the pictures are incredible (did you get on ladder to take them or actually waited for Moon to move?)

4:38 PM  
Blogger Fouad said...

oh come on gus :) Moon wouldn't move fast enough so I moved up and down and around.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Zee said...


8:02 AM  

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